What a Drag!

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She was tall and elegant, displaying such grace,

A very talented, superb ballet dancer.

They said "You'll never see the likes of her again!"

And you won't 'cos she's just died, of cancer!


This addiction of hers, was started at school,

When she completely succumbed to the drug.

The clouds of smoke from the bicycle sheds,

Created such a hideous fug.


You can't really blame her, it was the done thing to do.

It was adult and so very hep.

And, when you're young, it's so easy to say,

That life needs just a little more pep.


At first the taste turned her mouth sour,

She felt sick, at the back of her throat.

It's amazing how quickly you can get over that.

All her friends were in the same boat!


It calmed her nerves, in moments of stress.

She'd smoke another one, you know, pro tem,

It wasn't till later that she developed this cough,

And started bringing up a yellowish phlegm


She thought that she was healthy, so hard and so lean,

And she performed with such athletic grace.

The world was her oyster, at least until,

She started coughing all over the place!


As the years rolled by, she'd often sigh,

Oh why did I take up this sad habit?

Why didn't I turn a very deaf ear,

To all that original rabbit?


Now, I've inhaled myself, and these poisonous fumes,

Seemed to get rid of everyone of my fears.

But then I was good at giving it up.

Because I kept giving it up for years!


Smokers Anonymous, that's what they need.

So that, when you are down and alone,

Instead of reaching out for a fag,

You can extend your hand to the 'phone!


You could listen to lots of soothing advice,

From people who've been there before.

Who indulged, as you do, before they found out,

That this a curse, to abhor!


Thank goodness the image has gradually changed,

And Government warnings are on every packet.

At least the vested interests have got to admit,

That theirs is a foul deadly racket!


Smoke eats into your lungs, it takes away life,

And makes others extremely unhealthy.

So why send your wage packet way up in smoke?

Because fag ash won't make you wealthy!


There's a smoker dying every tenth minute.

In Barnsley it's right down to six.

Smoking is more potentially lethal,

Than taking a heroin fix!


It's another cursed affliction,

In a world of mounting, continual stress,

Representing yet another insurmountable burden,

On our health and our happiness.


So, why not pack it in, you smokers?

You could do, without exceptional fuss.

But, if you haven't the will power to stop it,

Then stop puffing it all over us!

  By Nick Otine.  


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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