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Thereís nothing wrong with me these days.

I am as fit as I can be.

Apart, that is, from the eyes, you know

I now have to use spectacles to see.


And the ears are a bit of a bother

I do, often,  miss the odd word

And when the wife wants something special

She swears I can't hear one dicky bird!


I do have to make a further admission.

There another thing that's plaguing me.

My golf handicap is beginning to suffer

Because of the nagging ache, that's in my knee!


And the odd twinge that I feel in my back

The occasional stiffness in my neck.

My teeth are being, gradually, ground away

And I wonít get my alacrity back!


My chest has become a trifle weak.

My nails break at the slightest touch.

My hair has become a thing of the past,

And Iím not going to talk about my crutch!


My muscles can, easily, become over-stretched.

My feet are, often, feeling so tender.

I get dizzy spells if I bend down too long,

And itís ages since I went on a Ďbenderí!


The spine complains readily, from time to time.

The shoulder are beginning to drop.

Iíve probably said quite enough by now,

Youíll no doubt be wanting me to stop!


But the reason why Iím communicating by verse,

Is to try and unravel lifeís long riddle.

Why am I experiencing all these things,

When I know Iím as fit as a fiddle?

by Fee Bull


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2003 [TJD].   All rights reserved.   Revised: October 30, 2007.

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