An Ode to Buddies.

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We had a quiet time this Christmas 
When Eileen and Dora came down 
Their presence to us was a tonic 
Better than any night on the town! 
In the morning they’re playing at 'Scrabble', In the afternoon 
they're hard at the cards! 
In between times they study the dictionary, 
They’re such a great couple of ‘pards’. 
Eileen is a 'dab hand' with two letters, 
Especially if she's short of good tiles. 
She places them down with a flourish, 
And her face is wreathed in large smiles! 
Oh, yes, our Eileen’s an expert, 
Using words that make you and me grovel. 
Not words in everyday employ, oh no! 
But from some obscure paperback novel! 
They play, and they play on, for hours, 
Never a cross word or occasional rebuke! 
Until Dora comes out with a 'winner', 
And Eileen declares it  'a fluke'! 
Dora likes a trip along the seafront, 
When Gill takes the dogs for a run. 
She likes to feel the fresh sea breeze 
And thinks it 's wonderful fun! 
She likes her grub, does our Eileen, 
A taste here and a little bit there! 
You wonder just where she puts it! 
It's not hidden under the chair! 
And when we all lurch from the table, 
Our stomachs quite full, what a sight! 
Our Eileen will say, just to make our day, 
"Let's make a start on the 'Turkish Delight." 
This Christmas Dora made the pudding 
It tasted as sweet as a dream! 
But she didn't quite get the best of the taste, 
'Cos she's allergic to a bit of fresh cream! 
As I sit here composing this poem, 
Dora gives me a look that quite crushes. 
Apparently, whenever her name is read out, 
She comes over queer, in hot flushes! 
Eileen likes the occasional stroll, 
Especially to the shops and the sales. 
She loves 'diving in' to the bargains,
And returns with some wonderful tales. 
"Just how much do you think that this was? 
The asking price was ever so high! 
No, I don't know who can make use of it, 
But I can't pass a good bargain by!" 
They may be ageing, but they're not old in spirit, 
They're in the pink, so hale and hearty! 
And, as they prance about, you can tell, 
They'd be the belles of any good party! 
They're so full of fun and have a good laugh, 
And, if the music is playing, just by chance, 
They leap up and down and wiggle their ‘bots’, 
Because they do so enjoy a good dance! 
They're not keen on watching the 'telly', 
Apart from 'Crossroads' and ’Coronation Street. ‘ 
And Eileen's going to take out a licence. 
To make her viewing time complete! 
Comes the morn and they're not any trouble 
They make their own tea and hot toast, 
Dora eats little and Eileen a lot, 
But they both like a good Sunday roast! 
So, as they come to the end of their holiday, 
For their own homes they do truly yearn. 
And  we bid them both a fond farewell. 
Until next year, when they will return!! 

by Pard Ners.


Dedicated to Eileen and Dora - sadly no longer with us.


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright © 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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