The Telly.

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Alright, I admit it,

Stop going on at me.

I do watch an incredible,

Amount of T.V.!  

Well, the weather's cold,

It's much warmer here too,

Than standing in some miserable,

Cinema queue!


Dances are not really,

Of interest to me.

'Cos as you get older,

You get stiff in the knee!


I do go for walks,

Mostly during the day.

The dog loves to come with me,

He's funny that way!


It's when evening comes,

And the curtains are drawn,

That I really need something,

To take my mind of this corn!


Mind you, I'm fussy,

I don't watch any 'flannel',

I grab the control box,

And switch over a channel!


There's one thing that gets me,

Into a terrible huff,

And that's having no option,

To that American stuff!


I reckon that eighty percent,

Of what is on view,

Comes from over the Atlantic,

But what can you do?


I can understand why,

Itís coming our way,

Itís second-rate rubbish

They donít want to stay!


I've tried writing letters,

Of complaint, do you see?

But I seldom catch them,

Replying to me!


Let's hope that my poem,

Will get into print,

So that some T.V. Mogul,

Will take a broad hint!


I don't dislike Americans.

They're as sound as may be.

But we don't have to watch,

Their trash programmes do we?


We've plenty of actors,

And playwrights, I know,

And entertainers,

Who put on a good show!


We're bursting with talent,

Which needs to be seen.

So why don't they show it,

On our T.V. screen?


They talk at length about the brain drain,

Enticing our intellectuals away.

By the promise of so much more money,

To reside in the great U.S.A.


Well now, the reverse is happening,

A sort of invasive diarrhoea,

This American TV rubbish,

That's being brought over here!


And now, as another alternative,

Which further sinks everyone's hopes,

Has been a vast media influx,

Of mediocre Australian 'Soaps'!

  By Wat Trash.


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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