World Peace?

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The sun shone down on Geneva,

Not a drop of rain,

As Ronald R and Gorbachev

Each stepped down from a plane.


They'd chosen neutral Switzerland,

As a place to have chat,

About nuclear war, and disarmament

And serious things like that.


There'd been a considerable build up,

By their respective P.R. machines.

Would Ronald R become the star,

Which he had been, in his teens?


They disappeared behind the walls,

And chatted by the fire,

No news came out and the popular press,

Thought the situation dire.


But how can you solve world problems,

And give them real address,

When you're being pushed for statements,

By members of the press?


At last, our Ron confided,

That news was good to tell.

But we'd have to await the 'morrow,

To know that all was well.


Their office staffs stayed up all night,

Whilst they slept, so sound, in bed.

Writing and rewriting statements,

Of what their leaders said.


Or what was considered suitable,

At this momentous time,

To keep the dialogue going,

In a much more pleasant clime.


At the end of the talks, they both shook hands,

And packed their cases, to fly away.

To consult their respective Alliances,

On the current state of play.


But Gorbachev chose his moment,

To stand up on this world stage.

For as a personality and powerful man,

He'd certainly come of age.


He talked at length, with great aplomb,

And further waxed and waned,

To explain his Country's policies,

And in doing this, he gained


An understanding and regard,

For himself and his Country too,

He certainly showed our Ronnie,

What is meant by high I.Q.!


Meanwhile our Ron decided,

Not to say too much,

He's not too good, without a script,

And lacked the ready touch!


To talk of complex issues,

And the aspirations of his Nation.

So it was his Secretary of State who spoke,

With guarded expectation.


The comparison was obvious,

And quite interesting to see.

The Russians had a leader,

With brains and personality.


He meant the words he uttered,

Whilst standing on that world stage.

And it could just be the dawning,

Of a calm and peaceful age.


Ron had charm and he used it well,

Whilst he held out the olive branch

So that he could go home again,

And ride out on his ranch.


Yet, while he rode, at leisurely pace,

Overlooked by sky and stars,

He gave some thought to outer space,

And putting up the bars.

To nuclear weapons, riding high,

In the Galaxy above,

'Cos if that happens darling,

We may as well go shoot the dove!

By  Dai Alog.


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.   Revised: October 31, 2007 .

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