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It wasn’t so very long ago

That I reported on this epic meeting

But Gorbachev succumbed to Yeltzin

So his world impact was merely fleeting.


For Yeltsin had played to the popular vote,

And pranced about with the tanks,

So 'Gorbachev had to take a quick bath,

Without one real word of thanks.


But, when Yeltsin became the President,

He henceforth, blustered and stumbled

And Russia went, from bad to worse,

Although Yeltsin himself wasn’t rumbled.


He strutted about and stayed in power,

By changing this and that.

Not least the seats of his cabinet.

He was a political acrobat.


The economy slid, inflation grew,

And food was hard to buy,

But the blame was never his, oh no!

It was always the other guy!


As for Gorbachev, he was decimated,

What else could he have done?

Despite his skill and commonsense,

He’d lost his place in the sun.


Things would have gone so well, you know,

If 'Gorby' had won the people’s attention,

But Yeltsin played another trump card,

And preoccupied them with national dissention.


Chechnya was a blessing to him,

He could pick on some rebels to fight,

And he called upon all Russian patriots

To hold up the flag and unite!


As for Chechnya it was pounded to ruins,

Thousands of people lost their lives,

Not just the rebels,who at least carried arms,

But their parents, their children, their wives!


There was hardly a building left standing,

Atrocities were committed galore,

And the world watched in silent witness

For no one wanted to settle the score!


How could we let those thousands die?

Let’s face it we’re a pretty poor bunch.

Our politicians mutter in the background,

And then take them all out to lunch.


But, at long last Yeltsin has called it a day,

After gaining a ‘trumped up’ amnesty,

No matter what crime is put at his door.

Of all charges he shall remain free!


And what will his successor do?

This man from the KGB?

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

We’ll just have to wait and see!


The problems for him are mounting up,

Rebellion and nuclear waste,

Inflation and the rise of a mafia mob,

That surely is not to his taste?


And what about the old communist party?

Who think that democracy stinks.

If they get back in, there’ll be hell to pay,

They’ll be a war before anyone blinks!


He really doesn’t have much choice,

For he’s got to court the West,

His resources have run to an all time low.

And this will be his big test.


He’s got to keep on the right side of the rich,

While giving impressions that he,

Is achieving all that his people desire,

Whilst maintaining independency.


Well, I wish him the very best of luck,

Let’s hope he’s as sharp as he looks,

And manages to pull the economy around,

Whilst staying in everyone’s good books.


But I wouldn’t be surprised if China,

Took a hand in his plight,

For the world is changing rapidly,

And there’s hardly a communist in sight!


North Korea has dismounted from its high horse,

And Cuba is hardly a threat.

If we play all our trump cards, at the right time,

There might be a world peace yet!


The IRA is even talking of peace

So terrorism seems to be on the decline,

At last all Irishmen can live and love,

And it isn’t it about bloody time?


I’ll not ramble on and on anymore,

I’ve said more than enough anyway.

But to all peace loving peoples,

Let me bid you a very good day!

by Soh Viet


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright © 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 31, 2007 .

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