An Ode to Jen

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Fifty year ago and just a little bit more

Jenny booked her place upon earth

If she’d known then what was in store for her.

She might have asked to cancel the birth!


In truth of course, she’s had a heck of a time.

Throughout all the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’,

She’s always had a smile upon her face.

Well, maybe just one or two frowns!


At school she was always at the top of her class.

All the others just took second rank.

Oh! She was destined for great things to come.

As the Nabob in her local bank!


Pete was of course, my only true love.

To all other entreaties I was deaf,

Cos it’s not very often that you meet a dashing bloke.

Who also happened to be a super chef!


Sadly Pete died, just seven years ago

And I viewed life with some trepidation

But Jenny wrote an inspiring eulogy for Pete

And presented it to the whole congregation.


As for Jenny, she too chose a very good man

And life for her was never ever shabby.

When she was ready to wed, she just stuck out her hand,

And roped in a bypassing ‘cabby’!


John is certainly the love of her life,

With both children, their Danny and Kerry

They’ll never have to pay for a taxi you know,

And they can spend all night making merry!


As time tumbles on, life for Jenny and John,

Has become placid, even quite jolly,

Gifted, so far, with two lovely grandchildren

The shy Jessie and the irrepressible Ollie!


Thank goodness our children are such very good friends,

Danny, Kerry, Neil and Michelle.

Together they make a formidable bunch,

And even now can create merry hell!


Neil and Kerry had just a little romance,

And thought that it might never end,

But, although it didn’t quite work out,

They each regard the other as a very good friend.


Jenny is so calm, really so cool,

Once , when in the lounge of my house,

She casually remarked, as I leapt up the wall,

Oh! How sweet, just look at that mouse!


Now Jen’s a dab hand at knocking it back,

And I must take more blame than you think.

For when Jen popped in, on her way home from work,

I would ply her with plenty of drink!


On more than one occasion I topped Jenny up,

And I caused quite a bit of a ‘do’.

So, in order to try and sober Jenny up,

I had to shove her head, right down the ‘loo’.


At other times when Jen was ’in her cups’

Blotto! And I’m making no mistake!

I tried to bring her back down to earth,

By taking her on a march around the lake!


You had to admire John, for he put up with it all,

Although he’d shake his head to and fro,

You may not believe this, he’d say with a smile.

But I quite fancied ‘that’ about half an hour ago!


We oft reminisce, about Sister Benignus

And how hard we worked, for the St John Fisher PTA

In truth we were scared to death of the old girl.

And when she turned round, we’d both run away!


We were very good at running, on our girlie nights out,

‘Cos each of us was a really big binger,

On our way home and just to stir things up,

We’d cause havoc by playing ‘knock down ginger’!


And what about the day of the ‘Ann Summers’ party?

When Jen, you had to be persuaded to go?

Everybody thought that you had such poise and charm,

That you ended up as the ‘belle’ of the show!


Then again there was Mrs Hennigan

Who was the teacher of both Neil and Kerry,

We thought that she was a very solemn stick

But in fact she was quite bright and merry.


On one open evening, as we passed her classroom

John stuck out his tongue, meant for Pete!

In a flash Mrs Hennigan stuck out her tongue, in reply,

To make John’s embarrassment more than complete!


We spent many happy hours in Lesness Woods

In and around Lesness Abbey

When I’d go home to my super Chef

And you would go home to your Cabby!


We also had quite a few good ‘Ladies Nights’ out,

On more than one super Masonic occasion,

Where the wine flowed freely, to all those at hand

And we never needed any persuasion!


Throughout it all Jenny, we’ve enjoyed the good times

And the happy hours that we’ve spent together.

Our lives have become so truly intertwined

It would be nice to think that it will go on forever!


But let’s get to the point! I must say what I feel.

I’ll not prevaricate or be further perverse.

Jen, I think that you are such a wonderful friend

That I just had to put it into verse!

 Yours Aye,



Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2006 [TJD].   All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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