The Party is Over.

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The Party’s Over.

At last the party’s finally over

And we can survey the aftermath and despair

All the debris and the destruction

Wreaked by the notorious spin doctor, Tony Blair.


Oh he had a way with him alright!

A ready smile and a fanciful quip.

And a promise to make life good again.

If we backed him and the ‘new labour’ ship.


Taxes would be a thing of the past.

Health provision would be of the best.

Terrorism would finally be put to bed.

The E.U would be put to the test.


He would do away with corruption,

He would sink his teeth into all our fears,

Particularly political incompetence,

That had been going on and on for years.


He seemed good looking and very witty,

Never short for a riposte to make.

He would shed all the ills of old labour.

And would create a new route for us to take.


Onward and ever upwards,

A new and more prosperous life,

The dawning of a new political era,

Reducing present troubles and strife.


Of course he had to negotiate,

And avoid the communist bunch,

So dominant in his own party,

And he got there by taking them to lunch!


He found high places for each of them.

In order to buy himself time.

And they became principals in his new government.

Supporting his political climb.


He spoke to us all from his dizzy heights.

And used persuasive professional spin.

So that everything in the garden appeared rosy.

Overlooking the mess he was getting us in.


He thought that he was on top of the world.

That he’d become a great white knight.

Solving all problems throughout the world.

Ignoring our internal and growing plight.


The health service went on the wobble.

Illegal immigrants swarmed into the land.

Dentists had become far too expensive.

The E.U was getting out of hand.


So how would our Tony react to all this?

What action do you think he would take?

Would he be swift and decisive,

And give these matters a good shake?


Not on your life dear, he was roaming the world.

On the biggest political stage.

Did you really think that he was interested in you?

Oh! come on dear, be of your age!


And so things began to slowly unravel,

But worse things were still on the way.

International politics had gone to his head,

And he became a poodle for the great USA.


President Bush had seen enough of Iraq

He was keen on going to war.

The United Nations didn’t support his view,

But Saddam Hussein was becoming a bore.


So he had a little chat with our Tony,

Yo Blair! He said with a smile,

Come over here for a minute,

And Tony responded, in a manner servile.


I have to imagine how the conversation went.

I can only have a bit of a guess.

But, for what it’s worth, I’ve written it down

It’s on the button, well more or less!


Now Tony, my boy, I can depend on you.

We’ve got to put up a case.

To justify an invasion of Iraq,

So we can knock him all over the place.


Thus Tony Blair stood on his feet,

In our Houses of Parliament,

And spoke with fervour of the dangers we faced.

If we let the problems of Iraq ferment.


They’ve got hundreds of deadly dangerous warheads,

That evidence has been brought to the fore.

The world is in immediate danger.

You must agree to go to war!


Their missiles are primed and ready to fire.

They could be here before we get to the door.

We must take urgent and decisive action.

Do you want to hear any more?


And so, my friends, the die was cast.

We bombed and invaded Iraq.

Our Tony was on the crest of a wave.

He’d knock Saddam Hussein all over the park.


So. a few years on, many thousands have died,

And there’s just no end to it all.

Our presence is bitterly resented

And we’re going to take a very big fall.


Christians in a Muslim country,

Are regarded as traitors to their religious cause.

We cannot distinguish friend from foe,

And it’s all our fault, because,


We should have never entered the Country.

We should have relied on international support.

By ignoring the United Nations.

The ball is laid firmly in our own court.


Fighting a war that cannot be won.

On hostile soil that doesn’t suit our style.

With hordes arriving daily from Pakistan.

So that they outnumber us by a mile.


Of course our Tony puts on a face,

But he’s now a thing of the past.

An embarrassment to the party he once led,

Once he’d decided to take a political fast.


He has now taken to the world celebrity stage,

In the role of a great lecturer he’s been cast.

Sharing with the world all the great things he’s done

Whilst our problems have become increasingly vast.


He’s sold his book for six million,

For every lecture he charges the earth.

Americans queue up to sit at his feet.

And this adds considerably to his worth.


And what’s going to happen eventually?

I really don’t know what to say.

Get out now, whilst the going is good.

Because this problem will not go away.


And as for Tony, can he sleep at night?

Perhaps he stays awake counting his loot.

Let’s invite him to visit Iraq.

He could become our latest recruit!


But this boy’s no fool, don’t ever think that!

He’s manipulative and very clever.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he took charge of the E.U.

Oh no lads, don’t ever say never!


Lotta Spin


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2007 [TJD].   All rights reserved.    October 31, 2007 .


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