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Sixty-three years ago, but I vividly remember,

When I stood so low in my socks,

Watching the Luftwaffe screaming in along the Thames

In their nightly attempt to blow up London's docks.


We were under siege then and withstood it.

Although we had our backs to the wall.

But the British have an indomitable spirit

As the last nation in Europe, we would not fall!


And now, as an old man, I shudder,

Because we're in such a very different age.

Terrorism now has a much more sophisticated form,

And religious fervour has taken centre stage.


Oh why can't the world be united?

Religion is supposed to be about love.

We can't give way to religious extremism,

Those responsible must be given a big shove!


Despite it all, we still have our dictatorships,

Mugabe is still strutting his stuff.

Al Qaeda is perpetuating its menace.

Can't we say stop, "Enough is enough!"


But constantly, throughout the ages,

As bow has given way to gun,

Evil has continued to manifest itself,

In its' foul attempt to corrupt everyone.


But of course, we have a United Nations,

Don't make me laugh 'cos I want to cry!

And as for the European Union,

It's on its feet, but beginning to die.


Self interest, greed and corruption,

Continues to force its' way to the fore.

Is there anyone out there, who can offer some hope?

Or will we drown in the world's blood and gore?


National Leaders must meet, urgently, together.

They must provide for corruption and terrorism to cease,

They must submerge national and religious differences

And give our children a last chance of world peace.

by Des Perate


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright 2005 [TJD].  All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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