The Ghurkhas.

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  He thoughtfully picked at his fingers,

And gazed out, across the Bay.

It's amazing how memories linger,.

When there's so little to do each day.


He thought of those slant eyed devils,

So fearless, courageous and proud,

Who'd rejoiced in their war time revels,

And certainly did our nation proud.


They came down from the Himalayas,

An area so mountainous and tall,

To serve under our National flag.

These fighters the men from Nepal.


Knee high to a grasshopper, truly,

With hearts as big as a hill.

They held no fear of the enemy,

In fact they rejoiced in the kill.


To them, there was joy in battle,

And plenty of honour to win.

They'd slaughter the enemy , like cattle,

Cowardice was a terrible sin!


They had kukris, that made your blood tingle,

And blood curling voices to match.

Amongst the enemy they'd easily single out,

The man they were going to catch!


Across the wild terrain, they would stealthily speed,

At the quietest time of the night.

Devotion backed with a religious creed.

By God! They were an awesome sight!


Into every alien heart, they struck terror,

A desire to be up and away.

To be in their firing line, was an error,

And many a brave man ran away!


There's no doubt, they served us superbly,

With a reputation, eternally bright.

I hope that we'll never ever sever the links,

That bind us in brotherhood, so tight!

  By Kook Kri.

Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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