Black and Blue.

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  Black is black and white is white,

And never the twain shall meet!

That's the message that's coming across,

To the policeman, on his beat!  


Not necessarily everywhere,

Not yet at any rate,

But in places like Brixton and Liverpool,

And neighbourhoods like 'Toxteth Eight'.


Community policing is the answer, they thought,

To paper over the cracks,

Of a gradually deteriorating relationship,

Between the police and the blacks.


So they stopped to chat and patted heads,

And  thought  they'd be lauded to the skies!

But it wasn't as friends, they were regarded by some,

More as pigs, who were acting as spies!


Sussing out the big men, the leaders and all,

Who represented emergent black power.

Who'd be the targets, to be singled out,

If community relations turned sour!


There's no doubt the police have an unenviable job,

For they're standing betwixt and between,

And they've got to maintain the law of the land,

And to do it they've got to be seen!


But it's not easy to smile and show all your teeth,

When you're battling through thin and through thick.

Particularly when half of them have just flown away,

By courtesy of half a house brick!


When your mate has been kicked, in a private part,

Or clipped over the side of the head,

You sometimes forget  you're restoring the peace,

Like the Chief Superintendent said!


There's no doubt policemen are on the front line,

Defending  nonsensical policy which,

Can't reconcile a coloured population,

On the wrong side of the political pitch!


  If you've nothing to do, and the future looks bleak,

And your dad's been on the dole for a decade,

And what jobs there are, are not given to you,

Do you wonder that tempers are frayed?


It's not the symptoms that count, but the cause,

And that's what you've got to treat.

Give those lasses and lads a future in life,

And get them away from the street.


They're human beings, like you and me,

With dreams, aspirations and ambition,

And unless you carefully consider their plight,

You invite anarchy, resentment, sedition!


So don't blame the police, they're human too,

Some I place at the top of the tree.

The real problem that has to be overcome,

Is a racial philosophy!


By Ins Piration.

P.S. 'sussing out' - English slang for determining, or finding out.


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright 2001 [TJD].    All rights reserved.   Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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