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The most powerful man on our God's earth.
That's how he's been described.
I rather think the opposite,
For by the devil, he's surely been bribed!

I going to make changes in the USA,
This so powerful man declared.
So watch out you, in the rest of the world.
You'd better be very well prepared.

We thought he was predicting great things to come,
Like bringing an end to poverty and sin,
We didn't envisage he was digging a deep hole,
Which he'd try to shove us all in.

For The United States rides high in pollution,
Producing a quarter of the worlds dirty air,
While he's opting out of any world discussion,
By sticking his head right under his chair.

I'm going to make our country great again,
He states, with a politician's leer.
You can clean up your emissions, but leave ours alone.
Now have I made that quite clear?

You may be wondering what's got into the man.
As on pollution he puts a great freeze.
Is he serious or mental? You say to yourself,
As he cuts off the world by its knees.

He's chosen an isolationist policy
And he's leaving the world in a very sad state.
He's consigning his country to the scrap heap.
Well that's what we think at any rate.

Well history always has its day,
And when they try to describe him,
They'll say that he led the civilised world,
To the very edge of the brim.

It's a disastrous, terrible situation.
Only a lunatic could support.
So send out an international commission.
And bring him before a central world court.

How can this man have the effrontery,
On behalf of the USA to say.
I don't give a monkey's about pollution.
I'll close my eyes and it'll go away.

There's got to be a time, when money
Isn't the only thing in the world
And the anti-world-pollution banner,
Must be well and truly unfurled.

He's going for last minute profit.
Where did this man leave all his brains?
Producing even greater emissions
As on the rest of the world, it rains.

The industrialised world runs on profit and loss,
But it can't always be just be about 'lolly',
You've got to consider the plight of the world.
And this man has gone right of his trolley!

Surely there's got to be somebody out there,
And I don't want to cause any offence,
Who can take this idiot over to one side,
And whisper just a little commonsense?

Forget about quick capital profit,
And putting yourself first and last,
And start acting like a world leader,
In the role that we thought you'd been cast.

Give a serious thought for the 'morrow.
Give calm consideration to this verse.
Reverse your action before its too late
And we bid farewell to our Universe.

by N. Vironment


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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