September 11

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As they left hastily, to get to the office,

They murmured some very quick goodbyes.

Not one of them had any premonition,

That death was approaching, from out of the skies.


And there were many, so many thousands,

For whom this would be their last day.

Struck by a world evil called fanaticism,

That was calling to blow them away.


Oh! Why didn't I hold you, just that little bit longer? 

Why didn't I say a deep, loving goodbye?

Why didn't I ask you to linger here with me?

I didn't know that you were going to die.


And what had they done to deserve it?

A question you may very well ask.

Terrorists just wouldn't understand you.

For them it's an everyday task.


Incredibly they're driven by religion,

To cause unbelievable strife.

Not to spread warmth and understanding.

But to decimate all democratic life.


And it happened in, of all places, America

The representative symbol of industrial powers.

Murder and mayhem and carnage,

And the destruction of New York City's twin towers.


Fires surged even higher, as the inferno grew

Choking smoke; intense heat; immeasurable strife,

Some took the final option not to endure any more,

Launching into the air, to a destiny beyond life.


Imagine the confusion and panic,

Think of the terror and the heart-rending pleas.

Contemplate the pain and suffering

Was America being brought to its knees?


And what of the bravery of the rescuing teams,

Who put their lives on the line?

Who gave themselves, in an hour of need,

Such heroism is hard to define.


Consider now the wives, husbands and children,

Who are now so grievously bereaved.

Generations to come will remember the day,

When America was so grossly deceived.


And not all who died were American,

New York deals in international trade

Murder was committed on many nations

The last hand of terrorism hasn’t yet been played.


The wrath of the free world has been excited.

Terrorism, we very much hope.

Wherever it is and whatever  form it takes.

Will come under a fine microscope.


Don’t let these thousands perish in vain,

Cherish their memories and hold them dear.

Search out the terrorists and bring them to book.

For eternity let them live in fear.


Let the free world take a united stand.

Root out terrorism, wherever it be.

Stay calm but determined, to see to the end.

This threat to world democracy.


We don’t need ‘gung ho’ reactions.

We don’t want more lives to be lost.

We don’t want ‘trigger happy’ cowboys,

But true freedom doesn’t come without cost.


It will take much rational planning.

Researching all the terrorist ‘dives’,

Their businesses, their money, their locations.

Their movements, their hideouts, their lives.


Nothing will compensate for those who were lost,

Or the murder, savagery and mayhem

At the going down of the sun and at its' dawning,

We will remember them.


 by Justice Wilbedun  

Dedicated to those who lost their lives and their loved ones.


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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