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He leans forward over the microphone,
And speaks with an aggressive roar.
The President of America,
Wants to go to war.

He normally can't put two words together,
But when it comes to blood and to gore,
This symbol of American power,
Surges right to the fore.

The free world must stand united.
More terror we cannot afford.
But we mustn't have 'gung ho' reactions,
And we've got to act with one accord.

It's not right for one nation to act in haste,
Taking aggressive and hostile action,
Without consultation with the rest of the world,
Or it'll end up with a negative reaction.

As for the United Kingdom,
They should be giving good advice.
"Get the rest of the word behind you,
Or goodwill will disappear, in a trice."

The UK shouldn't join in a battle,
Until diplomacy and inspections fail.
When all nations agree, there's a very big threat
And Saddam must end up in jail.

We know that he'll continue to wriggle,
Make effort to duck and to dive.
That's the nature of this evil dictator.
That's why he stays so alive.

His nation suffers, whilst he carries on,
But he'll certainly take sustenance from,
Threats and hostility from the USA,
And the dropping of the odd guided bomb.

Because then he can rally the people,
As America becomes the perpetrator,
Of aggressive action against his nation,
And he'll remain there, as a dictator.

No, you've got to meet cunning with cunning,
You've got to give him no room to move.
You've got to arrange unopposed inspections,
As, only by this method, can you prove,

That he's storing nasty nuclear weapons.
Dealing in anthrax and other deadly bugs.
And intends to unleash them against the Western world,
Via his secret agents and other paid thugs.

Now that proof will unite all the nations,
There can be no argument then.
There'll be no excuse for standing back,
And we'll confront the devil, in his den.

But this time we'll be acting together,
And that's important for our universe.
It'll be the model for all similar actions
And now is a good time to rehearse.

So take one step back, Mr President,
Don't rant and rave any more.
Listen to other voices in your country
Like former vice president, Al Gore.

Take the arrogance out of your voice
Give regard to the tone of your address
Inject some humility just here and there
And try to get us out of this mess.

This should not be the case of the big 'I am',
Your country is depending on you.
If you want a genuine regard in world history,
Then your reactions must be solid and true.

For your country risks losing its status.
It will sink to an all-time low.
Your political prestige will go down the drain.
So turn off the light, before you go!

by Stepp Bak.


Author: Trevor Durbidge Copyright 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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