What a Racquet!

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You could tell he was a great performer,

And bound to knock 'em stone dead!

He could give it a twist and a flick of the wrist.

Or is that what the showman said?


This lad was a badminton player.

One of the best, never fear!

You didn't have to be an expert,

To see the strength of his backhand clear!


His service was ever so subtle.

No knowing where the shuttle would go!

He'd draw them forward and flick overhead,

He was such a naughty so and so!


He was a wizard, with wonderful stamina.

He'd stay on the court hour after hour.

His supporters would stand there and marvel.

Where on earth does he get all that power?


But, perhaps his 'piece de resistance',

Was how he caused his opponents to flop

With the indefinable delicacy,

Of a perfectly timed cross court drop!


For it's a great game, this sport of 'Badders',

And you meet such a wonderful bunch.

Mind you there are one or two amongst ‘em,

Who’ve permanently gone out to lunch!


The girls are so pretty, with ultra slim waists,

And they seldom cause any troubles.

There's no problem in making a social advance,

In fact they encourage mixed doubles!


So, just make sure that your service is good,

And your delivery is ever so straight.

That you keep going, when others may sag

And you'll get there, don't worry old mate!


Then you can proclaim you're a player.

And put all your opponents to shame,

'Cos you've practised and learned it the hard way,

And you've mastered a wonderful game!


You've put up with the odd bit of badinage,

And you've shrugged off the little hard knock.

Now you can tell them where to put it!

First the racquet, then a big shuttlecock!  


By Flick Service.

Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright © 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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