Victory in Europe?

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 It was the day of V.E. celebrations,

A proud and glorious day,

When the German hordes,

Threw down their swords,

and Hiroshima,

Was spitting distance away!


But when I look over my shoulder,

And wonder, just who gained the power?

Itís the Germans. I find, 

Who are calling the tune.

And Brits who take  the cold shower !  


It wasnít our fault,  the reformed Germans say!

For they were our enemies too!

but now weíre back, on top of the roost.

Itís two sturdy fingers to you !  


  Donít get me wrong,

Iím European at heart.

But why do they enjoy

Dropping us in the cart?


Our problem is,

that we've lost the power.

This can no longer be called

Our Ďglorious hourí.  


Why donít our politicians,

Wake up to that fact,

And start to employ,

Their low cunning and tact?  


And stop the Germans ,

From leading us a dance,

Aided and very well abetted

By France!


by Wotta Palava.


Author: Trevor Durbidge  Copyright © 2001 [TJD].  All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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