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This man could hardly stand accused,
Of being timid or indeed, rather vague,
For he's the brash and arrogant
The loudmouthed William Hague.

Never a good word to utter,
Sneering and gibing, his normal forte,
He never let rational discussion,
Ever get in his way.

Yah-boo politics became the order,
Of his bright new political logo.
Just like the undisciplined playground
He'd left, just a few years ago.

If only he'd got down to thinking,
And coming up with some original ideas.
He might have become a little more popular,
And quietened the nation's fears.

But he held on to confrontation,
And the odd snidey insulting word.
So when it came to the general election.
Most of the nation gave him the bird!

More importantly, we all lost interest.
Just who stands for what and for why?
Is there any point in us voting?
You could hear all the people cry.

We are an independent nation
And we don't want to say goodbye to the pound.
But for a really progressive Europe
We've got to give up a bit of our ground.

But cant we remain an economic union,
And get the benefit of European ties,
Without being overwhelmed by bureaucrats,
And all those manipulative lies?

We want to stand shoulder to shoulder
And put the best deal on the plate,
Without subjugating our nationality,
Or becoming an amorphous European state.

Why is it that our prices are higher,
Than anywhere else in the world,
And our taxes keep continually rising,
But our benefits remain tightly furled?

We're fed up to the teeth with politicians,
Who promise the world and his wife.
But, immediately after the election,
Increase our taxes and personal strife.

And what is of more immediate concern to them?
Are they cutting our taxes down to size?
No, they had much more important things to do
Like voting for a massive pay rise.

Then they left the country to go away junketing
Around the the globe, living like real swells,
On expenses, they're very good at getting those.
And staying in the very best hotels.

As an excusel it's called international study,
Their solemn duty to keep up to date.
But really it's a big unearned holiday
Which they grab quickly, before it's too late.

One thing I've learned, politicians don't change.
For, behind their facades and fixed smiles.
They're looking to keep themselves well up front.
Fat cats riding high on the tiles.

So pensioners are worse off than ever before,
Company chairman are ripping off huge fees.
But these part time and highly paid politicians
Don't give a fig for any of these!

They cast their eyes down and look sorry.
"We really must improve our nation's lot."
"Restore the balance between the rich and the poor,
But, in truth we don't give a jot!"

So come on all you politicians,
Listen to what we have to say,
Or come the next general election
And we'll blow every one of you away!

by E. Lector


Author: Trevor Durbidge Copyright 2001 [TJD]. All rights reserved. Revised: July 17, 2001


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