Man from Palestine.

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He kept on drumming his fingers,

And that was not a very good sign.

He was dreaming of his labour of love.

This man from Palestine.

He's trying to regain a Country,

In which he can no longer dwell.

Not for the want of trying,

Or blowing the odd aeroplane to hell.


Or kidnapping innocent people,

Most of whom have committed no crime.

Or killing and maiming, if necessary.

It's happening all the time !


 And the Israelis of course, show no compunction,

Itís a typical case of Ďtit-for-tatí

Kill one of mine and Iíll kill ten of yours,

And weíll say no more about that!


It's a classically serious problem,

There's not enough land to go round,

And there's not a chance of them sharing,

So can a solution be found?


Of all the world's problems,

I think that this,

Is the one that's least likely,

To end with a kiss !


By Fan Atic


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 31, 2007 .

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