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There's many a cause in the world today,

I don't suppose that will ever cease.

But there cannot be a better crusade.

Than that being fought by Greenpeace!


The world is a wonderful store of resources,

That is lessening, day by day.

So, what we've got, we ought to use well.

Before it shrinks completely away!


This applies to, animals and minerals as well,

And the problems have got to be faced.

This won't be such a wonderful world.

When it's full of industrial waste!


The diversified forms of our species,

Are disappearing from each habitat and place,

It's a terrible crime against nature,

Because we're too materialistic a race!


Greenpeace is holding it's head up high.

Tackling problems all over the world.

Ignoring personal dangers,

It's flag flying high and unfurled.


From whales to seals and nuclear tests,

And so on, ad infinitum,

Greenpeace fights, to rally the cause.

To meet the aggressors and fight them!


The dangers are so real, they always keep vigil,

AS they pass under every girder.

Vested interests are quite capable,

Of contemplating merciless murder!


A number of crusaders have died in the fight,

Although some may give up the ghost.

For international interests don't get any less,

And that's what troubles them most!


Every person that I talk to, has to agree,

That they're creating an essential fuss.

So why can't governments admit that they're right.

After all they're elected by us!


Good luck to you, Greenpeace, keep on with your crusade.

Opinion's with you and right on your side.

Preserving the world in it's natural state,

Is a policy by which we must abide!

by Poll Ution


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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