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America is another place

Way across the sea

Their peoples speak another tongue

Or so it seems to me!


They're a warm and friendly people

A very kindly bunch

Although some of them, I'm sad to say

Seem permanently out to lunch!


But why are they so gun proud?

Have they no propriety?

Is there not room for love and peace

In their society?


Of course, its very macho,

And suits the gung ho image.

But its the lives of young Americans,

That the maniac seeks to pillage.


It's the person, not the gun, they say.

Why give us all this strife?

Because, if that person didn't have the gun,

There would be no loss of life!


Of course they feel, they understand,

Underneath it all they know it.

So, for Pete's sake, throw the guns away

You're a democracy, don't blow it!

by Coo Lit


Author: Trevor Durbidge  Copyright 2001 [TJD].  All rights reserved. Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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