Disunited Kingdom

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One other legacy of the Blair government

Is the gradual and growing decay

Of the bonds between the constituent nations

Collectively known as the UK.


Ireland, Wales and Scotland,

Now speak with a national will,

Every nation that is, except England,

Which must merely pick up the bill.


Our Prime Minister is now a Scotsman,

Put in the House by strong Scottish will,

Even the Speaker in the House is a Scotsman,

The English are at the bottom of the hill!


Despite a Scottish Assembly

And that’s a joke for a start.

Scottish MP’s still vote in the House.

And can tear English legislation apart.


Prime Minister Brown stands up in the House

Weakly waving a union flag

Whilst at the same allowing the Scotsmen

To put all the goodies in their bag.


Each country has its own national anthem

Apart from England again

It has to make do with the old UK song.

Instead of its own national refrain.


The separatists are lapping it up.

They’re giving out freebies at will,

Because they’re not having to pay for it.

And the English are picking up the bill.


Do you wonder then that we’re very upset?

And we’re saying good riddance to the lot?

What is the point of a United Kingdom.

When the others just don’t give a jot?


We know that we’re playing into the separatists hands.

But what do you expect us to do?

When we are denied the same privileges.

Extended to this recalcitrant crew?


Now if these lads giving out the freebies,

Had to find the wherewithal to pay,

And they couldn’t fleece English pockets,

Perhaps they’d have to call it a day.


Other than that they could raise their own taxes.

And leave England's resources alone.

They’d soon encounter electoral opposition.

And be reduced to skin and to bone!


So come on lads, let’s make a stand.

Deny them a political vote.

Make it an English House of Commons.

And send the rest home by the next boat!


Kamon England.