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I'm just one, amongst the rest,

But I wish that I could do my best,

To stop the talk of war and crime,

That fills the news, time after time,

And turn instead to warmth, goodwill,

That in mankind, I could instil.


So that resources can be used,

To help all those who stand accused,

Of poverty, deprivation and decay.

To give them help, in every way,

And fill their lives with happiness.

But it's just a forlorn hope, I guess…


Because the world goes in its own sweet way,

And for those in need there’s scant dismay

But, if they don’t eat, they’ll die my dear!

Oh! don’t bother yourself, they don’t live near here.


By  Ivor Wish


This poem is dedicated to my daughter Corinne.


Published in hard volume edition of 'Time after Time' by the International Library of Poetry

(Library of Congress ISBN-1-58235-142-2)


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].  All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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