The Sin Dance Kid

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I'm not trying to put this one over on you.

But have you heard about the man from Bologna?

He was chosen one day, to go on his heavenly way

But he decided to stay a bit longer.


You see he loved to caress the ladies

And give them a very big hug.

His only chance was to have a quick dance

And, at times, the odd jitterbug.


He'd prance around and he'd squirm with delight

And he'd rub himself up, so very close

In fact his partners felt quite overwhelmed

And some became quite lachrymose!


In order to delay his heavenly passage

With a pump his stomach he inflates

So that,  when the call came, to cash in his chips,

He got stuck in those great pearly gates.


"Oh come along son!” said the keeper

"It's your  to go see  the Big Reaper!”

"Oh! give us a chance, I'd like just one more dance,

And I don't want to go any deeper!"


"Well just this last time, you can go back to earth.

But don't keep trying it on, my very old mate.

When the final call comes, you'd better be quick.

Otherwise we'll weld up the big pearly gate."


So he's back with us now, dancing daintily.

Both eyes focused at every Ball.

His ears well attuned to make very sure

He responds quickly, to his final call.


Oh! He’ll miss his cuddles and kisses,

And other activities that I won't mention.

But when they start to tot up all his devious sins.

He'll  probably end up in heavenly detention!

  by Pearly Gates.


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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