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It was a beautiful day, up in the heavens,

Gazing down on the stratus below.

It's a wonderful way to travel,

When you've got a long way to go.


She tripped daintily along the aisle-way.

Tres chic, such an elegant dress.

She was looking after her punters,

Like any good air-stewardess!


"Yes, of course, you can have duty free, Sir",

Yes, that's right, at 2300 it lands."

At least that's what she thought, until he appeared,

With a gun and grenade in his hands!


She hadn't given a thought to him,

He was so well dressed and so neat,

Or the piece of luggage he carried,

That he'd guarded, under his seat!


She tried to keep a stiff upper lip,

She must keep the passengers from panic,

She didn't want the aircraft to go,

The same way as the mighty Titanic!


"Take me to your captain", the hijacker leered,

"And be very careful, my friend,

If anything goes wrong, or you get in my way,

We'll all come to a glorious end!"


With nerves a-tingling, she led the way,

To where the captain was seated.

The gun was held right against her brassiere strap,

The atmosphere there was so heated.


The captain knew, as soon as he saw,

The look, so plain on her face,

Another fanatic had boarded his plane,

And was dying to die for his race!


"You will make contact with your ground control.

Tell them your plane is now in my hands,

Unless they do exactly what I order them to,

It will blow away, as the drifting sands!"


"I have a number of comrades here on board,

So don't think I'm alone captain, because,

We're going to shoot all the Americans here,

Who represent the Imperialist cause!"


"Divert this flight to Timbuktu.

That's where we will make our stand.

And relay this message, via flight control,

For an answer, before we land!"


"We demand release of our glorious comrades,

Who, with one accord and one breath,

Sent fifty American servicemen,

To certain ignominious death!"


"I warn you now, captain, if demands are not met,

Or if they don't reply to us, on cue,

We'll decimate the passenger list

And we'll start the proceedings with you!"


"They are holding our glorious comrades,

And we demand that you set them free.

Otherwise the two hundred and fifty people on board,

Will be gradually reduced to three!"




I won't narrate the end of this story,

Because it's just one of a number.

One things is sure, you've got to stay calm,

As calm as the proverbial cucumber!


You see terrorism cannot be made to pay.

These people must be made to understand.

That's is necessary for them and us as well,

To comply with the laws of the land.


That's why we have Embassies and Diplomats,

To negotiate and to be so discreet.

I'll bet you thought that their only aim,

Was to park free, on the street!


But they put all their goodies, in the diplomatic bag,

Free from any and every inspection.

Jewellery for the wife, and the odd mortar bomb,

To assist in the next insurrection.


I hope, at long last, there's serious intent,

To eliminate frenzied actions like these,

Because, if not, there's no longer hope,

And the World will be reduced to its knees!

  By I. Jack.  


This poem is dedicated to my daughter, Joanne.

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Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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