The wind was blowing gently through my hair,

It was lovely, I do have to say.

It was my very first time, on a beach in Spain.

The first part of my school holiday.


I lazed on the beach and played in the sand,

So marvellous, I was in a soft dream.

When my mum’s voice, slowly, broke through the haze.

“Would you like a Neapolitan ice-cream?”


Oh! This was the life, living out in the sun.

We’d got here in such a short span.

And, before long, if I make sure to take very good care,

I’ll end up with a gorgeous suntan.


There are those, of course, who sunbathe too long,

As, in the heat, they soon fall asleep.

They really are very silly, you know.

Because they’ll blister, before you can peep.


You’ve got to be sensible out in the sun.

Short spells and often they say.

Then you won’t blister up, but go golden brown.

It’s certainly the very best way.


“Lucie, where have you been?” “You look so well,”

My classmates will surround me, and say.

“Oh! Just a little trip that I took with my mum,

Although we don’t do it every day!”


I thought then, of my friends, who had stayed at home,

And were looking after Pippie, my dog,

As they battled through the rain and probably the snow,

And almost certainly the wind and the fog!


But there are compensations to being at home.

With the cold my cheeks are aglow.

And I can ‘swish’ through all the puddles there are

Or ride my toboggan along in the snow!


You can have fun in all sorts of weather, you see.

It can be enjoyable in the heaviest of rain.

But I wouldn’t be too happy in a heavy cyclone,

Or a tempest or a big hurricane.


Some weather is frightening and I cuddle up to my Nan.

Because there’s no table I want to hide under.

The noise is so great,  the house will surely fall down,

When there’s a lightning streak, followed by thunder!


I know what heavenly forces there are,

And what happens when you experience all that,

My advice is keep calm and stay really composed

Before you cuddle up to the cat!


I really had such a good holiday,

 It’s an experience wherever I roam.

But the best part of all is the pleasure I get,

When I open the front door of my home!

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Dedicated to my grand-daughter Lucie.


  Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 2001 [TJD].   All rights reserved.  Revised: October 30, 2007 .


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