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The Right Dishonourables.


There was a time when politicians

Were up the top of the tree.

They’d serve the country valiantly

And mostly do it for free!


But times have changed

I’m sad to say

They control themselves

And increase their pay.


They pay their wives,

They pay their kids

No wonder the country

Is on the skids.


And when they’re questioned

They go into a great huff.

“We have to fiddle”

‘Cos you don’t pay us enough”!


So we pay for their pensions.

And the second house.

Free travel and holidays

For the kids and the spouse.


A secretary and office,

Computers galore,

Researchers and Assistants

Then they search round for more.


How dare you question?

How dare you complain?

You’re lucky to have us.

And our gravy train!


We know we’re part-time,

And the EU has the real power.

That we don’t actually manage.

Why are you looking so sour?


You’re fed up with immigration

And the mess that we make

And that we ignore a referendum

In which you want to partake.


But, dear electorate, you must understand

We’re not really here to serve you.

We’re using the system to better ourselves.

So you know just what you can do!

by M. Peeonu


Author: Trevor Durbidge   Copyright © 1998 [TJD].   All rights reserved.    Revised: February 03, 2008 .

Last revised 3rd February, 2008


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