My pony

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My pony's name is Autumn Breeze

He's a gelding, a four year old Bay.

The children are very attached to him,

And do love to hear him 'neigh'!


As prices go, I suppose he was cheap

But we've had one or two ups and downs.

He's had severe colic and there is no doubt

That vet's bills bring on the frowns!


We keep him down at the local farm.

He's stabled right next to 'Trigger'.

Very erect he stands, at fourteen-two hands.

He's not likely to get any bigger!


During the summer he stays out in the field,

To romp and roam at his leisure.

But, when he's called, he pricks up his ears,

And comes galloping towards us, with pleasure.


During the winter it really isn't so good,

He stays overnight in the stable.

So, at some ghastly unbelievable hour,

I've got to clean him out, if I'm able!


But it's taught the children a lesson, I know,

Because they both act sensibly, not as a fool.

They both do their bit to help me muck out,

Before they get ready for school.


What with the horse, dogs, tortoise and fish,

I'm afraid that the hamster is dead,

You'll understand just how tired I feel,

Because there's still the housework ahead!


But I wouldn't be without any one of them,

Each and every one is so dear.

When the time comes around for them to depart

I'll certainly shed many a tear.


Sometimes I wonder whether they understand,

And appreciate all that I do.

I'm convinced 'though, when they nuzzle into the small of my hand,

That they're saying a loving 'thank you'.


by Mai Petts


Author: Trevor Durbidge     Copyright 2001 [TJD].     All rights reserved.    Revised: October 30, 2007 .

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